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Drew's Place  Wanna give a huge shout-out to Drew Eckman of "Drew's Place." Thanks for hooking us up Drew!

Rumble Live on Pandora!

Rumble can be found on Pandora! Please take a moment to swing by and create your own Rumble page. Once on Pandora, type "Into the Breach by Rumble."

Thanks to our good friend at Rockabilly Radio, DJ Junior, for spinning a few Rumble tunes. This Kat knows his music. Click on the link below to check out Junior's bio and air times @ Rockabilly Radio DJ Bios.  Check him out! He really knows his red-hot and spins the classics as well.

Thanks to Frank Wood for setting us up at Otto's again!

Thanks to the hippest DJ across the pond, Bryan Chalker, and his show "Same Roots Different Fruits," Rumble made its way onto the FM dial in Bath, England, December 14th!  Make sure and stop by and check out recordings of up-and-coming shows on Somer Valley Radio, 97.5.

Same Roots Different Fruits, 97.5

Band Info:
We are RUMBLE, a roots rock and roll trio that covers the Tri-State area.  While a simple little three-piece, we make a helluva a noise.  We write and record original tunes, but we also cover those great few that are just too damn good to pass by.

If you are interested in an album, they are currently for sale on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby (click a hyperlink on this page to buy).  


For top of the line recording, head on over to Four Legs Records and book some time! Four Legs 

Check out one of coolest DJ Kats around,  Chema Valbuena on RTR! Rock Therapy Radio  

Check out Brian Chalker's "Same Roots Different Fruits" radio 97.5!   97.5 Somer Valley

Checkout our man, "Big Hoss" for some cherry-red rockabilly and some Bison Shuffle!  Big Hoss' Red Hot Radio

If you want to check out one liquid fueled magazine, stop by Chip Waite's "Mad Music for Bad People" Chip Waite's Mad Music for Bad People

Check out Sarah Fortner Pierson, Rumble's photographer @Fine Art and Photography 

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