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HIGHBALL is currently working on four original songs for publication! Stay tuned and drop in often to hear the tunes once finished! 


Rumble is finally LIVE on Pandora!

You read right folks! Rumble can now be found on Pandora! You can hear all your favorite Rumble tunes by simply going to the Pandora site and typing in whichever song you wanna hear followed by Rumble.

For example: "Hammer Down by Rumble"  "Please Don't Go by Rumble, " Into the Breach by Rumble," etc!
Please help us out by searching for and liking our tunes. Also, create your very own "Rumble" Station page!

Rumble would like to thank everyone ahead of time for your support!

We wanna give a big shout to our good friend, DJ Strops, for spinning some Rumble on  Y'all make sure and swing by and check out "Drag Strip" with Strops. This groovin' Kat is also on  FB and Sound Cloud! Thanks, brother, for spinning some Rumble and other classic wax! Can't wait for this weather to get a little warmer so I can go out and listen to some "Drag  Strip" while swinging wrenches on the 1930 Dodge! Checkout Strops here:     Strops Hop

Rumble made it onto
Rockabilly Radio on Jan 26th!
We want to thank our good friend over there at Rockabilly Radio, record spinning guru, DJ Junior! This Kat knows his music. Click on the link below to check out Junior's bio and air times @ Rockabilly Radio DJ Bios.  Check him out! He really knows his red hot and spins the classics as well as some of the cool and obscure (and he spins some Rumble)!  

Thanks again, Junior!

"Nice Sound," writes Bruce Replogle! Bruce owns and runs Music Management USA in NY, NY. Bruce was John Lennon and Yoko Ono's publicist on the 1980 album, "Double Fantasy"!

Rumble Trio made it into the "Top 100 Sellers on Cd baby," check it out @ Top 100 bands on CD baby

Rumble hit the FM airwaves several times on 97.5 FM, Brian Chalker's "Same Roots Different Fruits" show, Bath, England! Brian is a Swinging DJ who really digs "Into the Breach" and has played three songs from the album so far! Check out a recording of the December 28th show @ Same Roots Different Fruits  and keep listening for some great music!

Rumble has been accepted to go live on Pandora! While we keep bothering the folks over there for a specific release date, Pandora reps have assured us that we have moved up in the line of approved submissions and that we will receive an automated email the moment we go live. One thing is for sure! We will be hitting up our friends and their mothers and brothers to search out "Rumble" when we finally go hot on Pandora airwaves (or is it called webwaves?).

Rumble and Chip Waite from "Mad Music For Bad People" have something in the works for a spot in one of the hottest rockabilly mags available today! Keep your eyes and ears open! We certainly will let you know what's shakin' as soon as we hear anything. Check out Chip's Mag and info @ Mad Music For Bad People

August of 2015 Rumble was able to promote a Successful Kickstarter Project which enabled us to record, produce, duplicate and digitally release our debut album, "Into the Breach!" Thanks to our friends and fans, (some probably reading this right now) we were able to get ten red-hot original roots-rock-and-roll tunes out to the public through 25 different promotional distributors (CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, etc).

Rumble has been lucky enough to be approved and booked by the great and infamous Frank Wood of Frank Wood Productions. It is because of Frank that Rumble has and will hit the stage of Manhattan classics such as Otto's Shrunken Head and the Delancey!  Make sure to hit the "Shows" button to check out where we play next.  New York Times Article "Frank Wood Promotions"